Monday, August 9, 2010

savoring (and saving) summer

My canner has been getting a workout lately – peach jam, blueberry jam, peach chutney, tomato sauce (20 pints!) and green tomato relish.

Green tomato relish just tastes like summer.



I don’t recommend canning on a hot plate, but I have a ceramic cooktop – no canners allowed. Contrary to what I have read online, this hot plate has no trouble heating the water to boiling and maintaining that temperature. I bought this one for $10 (?) or so several years ago and it works like a charm. This is a pint canner. My quart canner is simply too large for this, but I am holding on to it for when I get my snazzy gas cooktop (several house projects and years from now).


Are you canning this season?

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