Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Brussels sprouts? Sewing mamas?

How fun to have my Brussels sprouts "non-recipe" on Sew, Mama, Sew today! I am tempted to post a full photo of the primate teased below, but there's no way I am spoiling that before Christmas. :)

Thanks for visiting and please let me know you stopped by.

On a completely different topic, Nolan and I spent part of our morning volunteering with our homeschool group at the Salvation Army's Christmas gift warehouse site. Filling orders for families of all ages and sizes, knowing that what we chose might be everything they receive for Christmas -- it can put everything in perspective. I now know exactly what to buy for donations next year. (If charities are still accepting Christmas items where you live, we noticed a real need for toys and clothing for older children, size 8 and larger and ages 10 and older, as well as baby-safe toys.) It broke my heart to find nothing to fit the 12-year-old girl on one of our lists, but I know one mom and boy who are feeling a little more grateful for everything today.

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