Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Quilt Binders Anonymous


I keep reading that hand sewing the binding on a quilt becomes addictive. I have to say, I'm not feeling it yet. But, I am darn proud of how this is shaping up.

If I ever get caught up on work projects and such, I want to do an I Spy quilt (Amy says I can do it!) and maybe a small project like a king-sized patchwork. With sewing, it is easier for me to just go ahead and get that monstrous project out of the way and then master the small stuff. It builds confidence, I tell you. Case in point: my first real sewing project, which resulted in the purchase of a sewing machine half way through, was reupholstering a sofa. Once I finished that, I felt confident enough to make a tote bag. Go figure.

Here's that sofa, though this fabric marks the second time I have upholstered it. Buddy says it is quite comfortable despite the imperfections.



Kim said...

Oh! My Gosh! How did you get my dog on your couch? Looks just like my Tanna!

happythings said...

Looks great - I love red and pink together. Glad the tutorial was a help. And yes, you can make an eye spy quilt. Go go go!