Sunday, December 2, 2007

Drunk on straight seams

BABY GIFT ALERT: Look away if this applies to you.



I tend to put quilters on a pedestal. They must be more spiritual than I am or something, with the straight seams and the nice lines between blocks. My first quilt top attempt, a strip-pieced log cabin, was really unusable for an actual quilt, though I have recently used the top in other patchwork projects.

And then I found this tutorial. I won't insult the author by calling it quilting for dummies, but hey, if I can do it... It is so easy, the darn thing almost sews itself. The hardest part was not amputating a finger (or a dog nose) with the rotary cutter.

I think I could have made a few cuts and made this stunning, but I am content with the not quite random result. The back is pieced and wonky at best, but made with love by a crazy aunt trying not to buy toxic gifts for babies I love. File that under leaving well enough alone, from the new, spiritual, quilty me. Of course the quilting and the binding have been a slightly different story... Almost done.

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