Saturday, May 3, 2008

feeding the kids


In the past month, I have been zealously searching for local, organic food for my family. So far, we have milk (bought from the dairy -- we have been doing that for months), eggs, butter (Amish, but not local), strawberries, strawberries, strawberries, beef for the carnivores and both high pollen and muscadine honey. I am growing my own herbs and hot peppers, and as of yesterday, I have a source for produce. Pending crop conditions, we hope to return to our favorite, almost organic berry farm for blueberries and blackberries, and possibly table grapes. I am counting the days until I am able to can tomatoes and relish and fill the freezer with beans and peas. I am still seeking local, organic corn (I think I will spot Sasquatch first).

But today, I am afraid the menu isn't local or even remotely organic. Dad's away today and I have much to do. I don't think an occasional round of frozen pizza will do irreparable harm. If so, I'm in trouble.


CalicoDaisy said...

I want to learn to can. If I bring tomatoes - or anything else - will you show me? That's in July or so, though, right? It would be fun to go the Asheville Farmer's Market, too, with someone. I haven't been there in years!
-- Michele

Chris Worthy said...

It's not difficult, but it is very labor-intensive. I would be glad to show you or talk you through it. I have a great book on canning. I'll have to post about that... I have a problem now that I have a ceramic cooktop -- you can't use a water canner on top. The jam was processed on the side burner of our grill, but that won't work for quarts of tomatoes. I think I have to borrow my mother-in-law's kitchen. :)

CalicoDaisy said...

I have two kitchens! Come borrow one of mine. The apartment is like a B&B - well, that is what it WILL be like.