Monday, May 19, 2008

a macro photo and...I'm it


Rachel tagged me. I am so boring. I am confident that after reading this no one will ever tag me again. :)

What I was doing five years ago:

Getting my son ready to start kindergarten in the fall and getting ready for my daughter's last year of elementary school. (We adapt slowly around here.) We were also celebrating our 14th anniversary.

Five things on my to-do list today:

Finish (who am I kidding?) the birthday guide for Upstate Parent magazine, go to the library, re-order our allergy medicines, do school with Nolan and work on a story. There's more, but it's even less interesting than the above list.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire: Do legal aid work for free, but only one day per week; build a "green" house (not the same as a "greenhouse"); finance a spay/neuter clinic and research for a cure; buy annual passes to Walt Disney World and the Louvre and get my money's worth out of both; and spend many lazy days on a beach with my husband.

Five places I have lived: Florence, Columbia, Irmo and Simpsonville -- all in South Carolina.

Five jobs I've had:

Sales clerk, law clerk (see a trend?), lawyer, writer -- Does "mom" count? Yes, let's say it does.

There you have it. What I lack in excitement, I make up for in enthusiasm. I am supposed to tag others, but I'm no good at that. Sign up if you're game...

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Rachel Mazzaferro said...

ok, after reading what you would do if you were a billionaire I do regret tagging you. Not because you are boring but because mine was self serving :) Although I did offer to lend my houses to my friends. It may not be on par with free legal aid but it's something - LOL!