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I wish we had this when my children were wee littles. Kinderbach is absolutely adorable and seems to me to be a terrific way to introduce young children (they recommend ages 2 –7 – I would say 2 – 5) to playing a piano or keyboard. For homeschoolers, it is a terrific early childhood music program that teaches about rhythm and much more.

Creator Karri Gregor has designed a music curriculum that is energetic and approachable for young children. They truly can learn while having fun. (No boring note spellers here. I am sure I can get an amen from former piano students everywhere.)

The program is video-based and is available online or on DVD. Online membership is $19.99 per month or $95.88 for one year. DVDs are available by level (there are six levels) at $40.45 each or $202.88 for levels 1 – 6. You can start with a free trial to see if this works with your child’s learning styles.


Level 1 - Click here for Free sample Student Activity Book
- Familiarity with the black and white keyboard landscape.
- Aural discrimination of high and low sounds as well as loud and quiet.
- Music term “Piano” means quiet or soft.
- Quarter note, half note and the beat value of these symbols in common time.
- Keeping the beat with rhythm instruments and on the piano.
- Distinguishing left and right hands.
- Finger numbers for playing keyboard.
- Introduction to songs that will be used for Kodaly Solfege.
- Introduction to pre-Staff note reading by patterns.


Level 6
- Review concepts from previous Levels.
- Introduce the notes ‘C’ and ‘D’ on staff.
- Emphasize all characters to notes on keyboard as well as C & D on staff.
- Introduce the half and whole rest with their beat value in common time.
- Addition to dynamic music terminology.
- Finger exercises, playing the C major scale with correct fingering.
- Play familiar songs with all notes both pre-staff and staff reading.
- Addition of note patterns both on and off the staff.
- Progress with composition methods.
- Read music on staff by pattern and by recognition of ‘C’ and ‘D’ locations.

We reviewed this as part of the TOS Crew.


We received a free trial for review. I was not compensated. My opinions are my own.

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