Wednesday, December 16, 2009


More than a half million kids are using Mathletics and it is the most used math program in Australia. (In Australia, they call it a “maths program,” which is so cool I am going to start saying it myself. As in, “Nolan? Have you finished your maths?”)

But I digress.

We were given a free trial of Mathletics through the TOS Crew. While it wasn’t my son’s cup of tea, I think that says more about his current interests than the program itself. I think it is a great way to supplement and drill (but in a good way) math from numbers to “the tangent to a curve and the derivative of a function.” (I am not making that up.)

The cool thing about Mathletics is the chance to compete with other students from around the world. Because the site has such a wide reach, the competition can be new every day. Students can also score points which can be exchanges for “virtual” prizes. Think funny hats…

One super useful section of the site features downloadable workbooks on, well, everything math-related I could think of and many things I could not. The site also makes it very, very easy to track your child’s progress.

While I assumed Mathletics was mostly for traditionally schooled kids, that’s not accurate. Download the company’s information for homeschoolers here.


Mathletics is $59 per year, but if you look on the subscription page, there is a way to get a discount. (You have to answer a question…)


We received a free trial for review. I was not compensated. My opinions are my own.

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