Wednesday, December 23, 2009

not a Christmas card, part tres

As always, I hope this finds you well and enjoying the amazing blessings of the season. We are in year three of homeschooling and by no small coincidence, also year three of no Christmas cards. :)

Most of you keep up with us, but just in case… Caroline is a junior this year and is driving solo. The state actually allowed her to drive on her own and we finally acceded to that certification. She is proving to be very responsible (hence the reason she is still allowed to drive) and is enjoying high school. She is very involved in the high school program at church and is also on the speech and debate team at school. We are entering the “college visit” phase. Suggestions and scholarships are welcome.

Nolan is in sixth grade and is still loving school at home. I am relearning algebra, which also explains a lot about the Christmas cards. Nolan is a first-year Boy Scout, attends enrichment classes one day per week at a homeschool co-op, is involved in the middle school group at church (he also runs the sound and lights some Sundays) and just generally keeps us on our toes.

John and I are doing well. We celebrated 20 years of marriage this year and we still like each other an awful lot. John is with a new company now and he is enjoying his new job. I am still writing and I am thankful to be able to work from home.

Despite almost losing Buddy (he’s almost 14) a few weeks ago, the dogs are also doing well. They said to tell you all hello.

I hope your 2010 is wonderful. And above all else, I hope you celebrate every day as Christmas, knowing that Emmanuel – God with us – has come.

Merry Christmas!!


John, Chris, Caroline and Nolan


Caroline with a giant cookie (don’t ask):


Nolan, with… a close encounter:


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Susan in SC said...

Merry Christmas Chris! Praying for great blessings for you and your family in the coming year! And, I am glad that Buddy is doing better. I know how much we all love our furry children!