Thursday, December 10, 2009

the slacker blog

I am actually going to try to take my camera out of the bag today. I have reasons – it finally stopped raining, I am making stuff and I have become the slacker blogger. I also want to do a post about vestibular syndrome, in case someone gets here via Google and they need a little shot of hope. I’ve got hope for you, lovers of old dogs. In the meantime, please do read this post. It might save some dog lives. We were this close.

Also, did you know that Christmas is TWO WEEKS FROM TOMORROW? How did this happen? I want a do-over.

Stories in print and currently online:

‘Tis the Season

Holiday Events (Sorry, this is only helpful if you live in the Columbia, SC area.)

And since I am truly seeking slacker status, I can’t even remember if I posted this here. I reviewed “The Star of Bethlehem” for Heart of the Matter and was able to interview Rick Larson, the man behind the movie.  Please drop by and give it a look. I am not an astronomer, but I can tell you the DVD is a great way to introduce the story of the birth of Jesus to someone who might not be interested in visiting a church. Bring the church to them.

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