Sunday, December 20, 2009

wrapping him in love


We love this little one and he isn’t even here yet. (And no, he’s not ours. For goodness’ sake, people, that would be a scary thought. I am the Great Aunt – yikes – with a big “G.” Oh no, I am the crazy Great Aunt who quilts. At least I don’t live in somebody’s attic.) Fabric is Happy Campers by American Jane for Moda. Binding and backing are vintage. I made continuous bias binding. After the initial shock of the spatial reasoning required, it turned out OK. Mistakes are heretofore referred to as “design choices.” It was all done on the machine because that’s how I roll. It’s all cotton, including the batting, so it got a little puckery after washing – but not very puckery because the backing and binding had been washed previously. The colors make me all kinds of happy. The little camping scenes with the Airstream-type camper…lovely.

Along with the quilt, for his almost-first-Christmas, little mister got a vintage book of famous explorers. I know it will be a year or two before he can read it on his own, but it’s good to get started early. He’s handsome, too.



Susan in SC said...

I love the quilt! And, a little puckery is a good thing! I know this will be loved for many years to come.

mom said...

I read your very nice Christmas letter, scrolled a little further down and saw the quilt! Woo hoo! I didn't know you quilted, did I? And now I'm curious about your continuous bias binding as I tend to be a hemmer with my quilts....

Tammy ~@~