Friday, December 11, 2009


Here is my only complaint about Tektoma: my son wants to do it all the time. All. The. Time. We were asked to review Tektoma, which is really a set of tutorials to help kids learn to program video games, for the TOS Crew. (We received a free trial subscription.) Nolan loves it. The tutorials are for Game Maker software, which is a free download. (You don’t need Tektoma to use Game Maker – Tektoma just teaches you how to use Game Maker. You do need Game Maker to use Tektoma. Clear as mud?) Nolan quickly worked through programming a racing game, an arcade game, a platform game (platform – kind of like a Mario-type game) and is now creating a fantasy type game.

I haven’t helped him at all with this. There are several reasons why that is the case, primarily because he hasn’t needed me . But also because he gets it much better than I could. He could teach me at this point. The site is safe and seems to be well controlled.

Tektoma was born out of computer programming summer camps held by the founders. They created the site to allow year-round access for students. New features are added monthly.

The subscription price of $14.95 per month is not a bad investment at all, especially if your child has a keen interest in PLAYING video games and you want to translate that to CREATING video games. The recommended ages are 7 – 17. Nolan is 11 and has had no trouble picking this up. He highly recommends it and so do I.

Tektoma offers a 14-day free trial. Do check it out.


P.S. If you think you are interested and if (only if) you want to, you can use this link and we get a referral in the form of free use of the site for 15 days.


We received a free trial for review. I was not compensated. My opinions are my own.

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