Sunday, March 1, 2009

and since we’ve no place to go


Observations about snow in South Carolina:

The employees of Publix at Five Forks in Simpsonville must be grace personified. As far as I could tell when I was there on my ibuprofen run today, not only had they not harmed a single customer, they were all smiling and seemed genuinely glad to help the large crowd that had gathered post-church. Good on them.

We don’t know how to drive in anything more than a summer shower. If you are a transplant from some snowbound state, do not honk your horn at us. We can’t help it. Black ice is scary. That’s why most of us just stay home.

While forecasters are saying rather disturbing things like “potential for biggest snowfall since 1980” (I was 11 in 1980), instead of digging up snowman-making supplies, I am tallying the first aid gear. The boy had a temp of 102.7 this morning and the girl is spending the weekend in bed with back pain. (Orthopedists don’t go to work in the snow here, I bet.) And Buddy has somehow strained his paw. Few things are sadder than a 13-year-old dog limping around.

But everyone – even the sick and injured – will be going out to play in the snow. Enjoy!

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Susan in SC said...

The snow has already started here in Oconee County - it started about 5:30 and is still coming down! My boys are so excited!!! I already have plans to stay home from work tomorrow for we do not have school during snow! :)