Thursday, March 19, 2009

good news, now there’s something we need

For those of you praying for Rachel, the surgery went very well. I spoke with Rachel’s aunt shortly after Rachel woke up this afternoon. Good things are happening.

(Jackie, I’m totally stealing from your web site.)

“Rachel is certainly a Trooper! When we got to go in and see her, the nurses said that they had asked her her name and she answered them. About 15 minutes later, Dr. Myseros came in and shook her leg and said Rachel, how do you feel Rachel said o.k. He said open your eyes and look at me and she did. He said how any of me do you see and she said one. He said stick out your tongue and she did. He said show me your teeth and she smiled. He said wiggle your toes and she did!
You Lord are deeper, wiser, stronger and higher and You amaze us! There by the grace of God go I. Amen.”

Amen, indeed.


calicodaisy said...

Good news!

Susan in SC said...

This is wonderful news indeed. I will keep praying for Rachel. Please keep us updated.