Saturday, March 28, 2009

wahm wow (not sham wow. that’s different.)


(My desk. 9:35 a.m. Yes, I know my coffee cup shouldn’t be that close to the keyboard.)

It’s no secret that I wear more than one hat. I was a working woman before I became a working mom. The transition to stay-at-home mom soon resulted in a career change and the adoption of a new acronym: WAHM. Now, in our second year of homeschooling, “teacher” has become a good fit as well.

For every mom who has ever said, “If I didn’t have to work…,” I want to send you over to the The Schoolhouse Store for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s e-book “HomeWork: Juggling Home, Work and School Without Losing Your Balance.” I was given the opportunity to review this collection of stories from families who have made the balance work, with a variety of ideas for those who want to transition home.

The stories range from a family running an orchard and B&B to a mom running a network management company for small businesses. They are real people, with the same exasperations and small victories I taste daily. (The mom who gets up at 2:45 a.m. to work? Yep. Been there. Worth it.) While they are homeschoolers, their stories transcend that and provide encouragement for any mom who wants to be at home with her children. The book also provides practical business advice and a clear perspective on what it means to find balance. From Katy Daum: “My work is fourth on the priority list. This means that I must appropriate time for work only after my obligations to God, husband, and family have been met.”

I think I am going to tape that quote on my monitor.

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calicodaisy said...

Sounds like a good read. I've learned a lot from others who share stories of managing the juggle. I'm doing better now that my kids are older and I don't have to do so many small things for them.