Thursday, March 12, 2009

me gusta comer


I thought about writing this post entirely in Spanish, but my deep respect for Spanish-speaking people prohibits me from butchering their language, at least in a public forum. My intentions are good, but high school Spanish was a long time ago.

We had a super cool field trip to Toni’s Tienda, the oldest Mexican tienda (store) in our area, yesterday. I may or may not have had a shameful amount of guacamole. My son is in a wonderful Spanish class in our homeschool co-op and this was a great way to extend the kids’ experience outside the classroom, which is kind of what homeschoolers do best.

I bought saffron and Mexican gum (saffron for me, gum for the kids). Since I didn’t bring in a bag, I just carried my purchase out in my hands, but later decided I didn’t need saffron rolling around in the van. I stuck it into the dark, unreachable abyss that is my purse, only to need my phone later. That’s a new one: digging for my phone through lipstick, papers, wallet, saffron and Mexican gum. Tomorrow, I make yellow rice with lime. Si, es muy bueno.



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Susan in SC said...

I don't believe I have ever used or tasted Saffron. I might need to check that spice (?) out for my cooking.