Monday, March 16, 2009

flour on chocolate


The chocolate Lab, that is. We made the pizza crust to end all pizza crusts this weekend. There was a light dusting of flour on every surface, including Maggie. She was hoping for a sprinkle of cheese and pepperoni.

Crust recipe is here. The key, I think, is letting the dough rest overnight. The dough became soft and pliable unlike any other pizza dough I’ve ever made. It’s even better than (hometown boy) Tyler Florence’s recipe. (Sorry, Tyler.)

And the recipe’s author, Peter Reinhart, lives in Charlotte – a mere hour away – and has a new book coming out this year. I think I need to write a story about him that involves a day of baking lessons for me. Don’t you agree?

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Susan in SC said...

I think that is a wonderful idea! Perhaps I could go with you and take pictures of both of you together! LOL!! I will have to try to pizza recipe.