Monday, March 30, 2009

bread + cinnamon rolls = walk today



How many days of rain in a row? Who can keep up? Anyway, the inability to leave the house resulted in dangerous baking this weekend. The sun is out today and it’s time to face the consequences.

Is that the best dog ever hoping I drop the pan of cinnamon rolls?


Why, yes, indeed it is.


Montana/HomesteadQuilter said...

Oh Boy! It's a drippy and dreary Monday here, I may have to do some more baking today...those cinny rolls look to die for! You are dangerous, Woman, with posts like this :P

calicodaisy said...

Can I come have some? I don't want to eat any more food in front of Viola, but I do want to eat more treats!

Tracy said...

Yummy food and beautiful lab!