Tuesday, March 3, 2009

turns out, i’m a science geek


My story about how homeschooling has filled the gaps in my own education is up at Heart of the Matter Online. I am very proud to be a part of this online magazine and community that is designed to encourage Christian, homeschooling moms. (Do not stereotype us; you would be wrong.) I would be honored if you would click over and give them a view.

But back to the snow: It’s still here. We currently have more snow left on the ground than we usually get in a total snowfall. Today was another snow day for the kids and tomorrow is two-hour delay. Yep – nothing’s getting done this week.


calicodaisy said...

Way back when our son and next-door-neighbor's daughter were ready for first grade, both families were considering homeschooling (which I was just learning about) and a new private school based in classical education. Upon what classical education is, my neighbor and I would go about saying, "I was cheated!" For us, who are big on literature and music and languages, the classical model is so fantastic. Both our sets of kids went to the private school for a number of years and homeschooled for a couple as well and always it was on the classical model. We adults learned so many fantastic things -- but, in all honesty, I left the science to another homeschooling friend who did all the "crazy" stuff in a small group at her house!

Marci said...

Your snow pictures are beautiful! I would frame some of them. Cute blog.